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250 face-to-face expert lessons

250 training hours

400 study hours


Final practical exam

Total price 35.000, - Dkr.


Free accommodation at the clinic in Copenhagen.


The Auriculo therapy expert education is level assessed by the Danish Accreditation Institution.

The Auriculo therapy expert education achieves 32 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points.

In the expert education, you meet the greatest experts who convey knowledge about how the points on the ear can have the effect that is demonstrated. As an expert yourself, you are able to pass this expert knowledge to your clients.

Auricular Therapy the French School

Auricular therapy is often associated with traditional Chinese acupuncture or ear acupuncture, but Auricular therapy differs markedly by being founded in Europe in our time (1950s) and grounded in the neuroanatomy and physiology of the pioneer MD. Paul Nogier, Lyon.

Paul Nogier was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine three times.

Picture: Paul Nogier






This Auricular therapy specialist education promotes and further establishes the European line within acupuncture, which is Auricular therapy and compliments with an elegant regulatory method that is supported by scientific studies and may be used as both a complementary and alternative method, which is already practiced all over the world today. Auricular therapy uses not only needles but also light and frequencies as a regulation method.

Auricular therapy, the French school is based on three principles.

1. Diagnosis.

2. Treatment.

3. Follow-up of treatment effect.


The education consists of 10 modules held in on

World Medicine, Slagelsegade 12 and Ny Energi Holstebro

Both beginners and experienced will benefit greatly from each module.

  1. module: June 23rd - 24th, 2023 Holstebro

  2. module: December 8th - 9th, 2023 Holstebro​

  3. module: January 12th - 13th, 2024 Copenhagen

  4. module: March 8th - 9th, 2024 Holstebro

  5. module: May 31st - June 1st, 2024 Copenhagen

  6. module: June 21st - 22nd, 2024 Copenhagen

  7. module: August 23rd - 24th, 2024 Copenhagen

  8. module: November 8th - 9th, 2024 Copenhagen

  9. module: January 10th - 11th, 2025 Copenhagen

  10. module: March 14th - 15th, 2025 Copenhagen

See the program below







Students from the entire World are training at World Medicine, Copenhagen.


Each student is given individual supervision in ensuring the achievement of the following:

To be able to remove pain immediately on your own.

To be able to find the cause of any disease or disorder.

To be able to find and dissolve therapy obstacles.

To be able to navigate in all Auriculo therapeutic techniques.

To become an expert.

The purpose of the education

To place and manage Auricular therapy in modern society and health care system.

To meet the demand for modern complementary and alternative methods based on science.

To acquire students subject-specific knowledge within Auricular therapy.

To acquire students skills and competencies within both simple and advanced methods of Auricular therapy.

To give students independent and critical assessment of the relevance, perspective and limitations of Auricular therapy.

To provide access to the most experienced educators.

To qualify to underpin the establishment of independent business and familiarity with practicing Auricular therapy.


The professional qualifications of the teachers

All teachers have practiced Auriculotherapy for at least 6 years before starting to teach.

Students only meet experts with their own clinic, where Auriculotherapy is currently practiced.

Raphael Nogier MD

Son of the founder of Auricular Therapy, Paul Nogier (1908-1996), he grew up with Auricular Therapy and has taught in large parts of the world since 1988, while RN runs his own private clinic in Lyon and is director of the research group G.L.E.M. founded by Paul Nogier. WHO declares RN an expert.

Hilde Leraand:


"After eight years of practice, this training is the best I have experienced and the most effective method I have used."


"After eight years in the private clinic, this education is the best I have experienced and the most effective method I have used".

The man in the ear, homunculus

The structure of the ear reflects that of a homunculus, which refers to a whole human body in miniature.


The structures of the hands and feet also correspond to a homunculus. While walking, parts of the feet that correspond to different parts of the whole body are stimulated.

When the hands touch, different parts of the whole body are also stimulated. A bodily sensation is achieved through contact with the outside world, which provides a sense of orientation through information from the distal parts of the body: feet, hands and ears.

The external ears provide a sense of orientation by interacting with sounds from the outside world

The position of the ears on the side of the head means they stimulate centrally. The ears’ movements, together with the head, stimulate the archways and a synchronous sensation is produced for the head and body in their positioning relative to each other, which is then synchronized with the sense of the direction sounds are coming from.


Together, the different forms of the homunculus on the hands, feet and ears constitute a meta-integration of stimuli: an overall sensory and tactile orientation is achieved due to the information gained from the physical interaction of hands, feet and ears with the environment around the human being.

The external ear is provided with the most complex nerve supply

On the entire surface of the body, as the ear is innervated by seven different nerves, including the N. vagus, which stimulates integration with the parasympathetic nervous system, digestion, sleep and reproduction.


The ear is the only place on the entire body surface where N vagus has a skin contact.


There is also resonance between the homunculus on the ear and the endo, meso and ektodermal development of the fetus.

The ear is a unique point of entry from which to the treatthe entire nervous system. Ear acupuncture can be used by beginners and then advance to treat the whole body with only one point, the weakest point.

With advanced Auricular therapy, the weakest point can be detected and regulates.

Paul Nogier developed in the 80s a system that may detect the weakest point on the honor, which corresponds to the weakest function in the body. The client's weakest leads can be regulated instead of treating different. We have not encountered a similarly intelligent acupuncture point technique that classifies the hierarchy of pathologies.

Auricular therapy may be used from module one 

Participants in this course can be beginners in the subject, nurse and health skilled people or just those who want to learn how to heal through Traditional Chinese Medicine. When using ear acupuncture with a patch, it can be used in your private home, both for yourself or for your family or friends.

Paul NOGIER & Auricular therapy

The French physician and engineer Paul Nogier (1908 - 1996) discovered the entire human nervous system is connected to the ear and is therapeutically accessible there.


He later found out looking into the brain and communicating with the body's nervous system via the radial pulse. His discovery of points and the language of the nervous system in frequencies is not later changed or supplemented.


Paul Nogier taught ear acupuncture for 45 years. A doctor who followed his teaching for 15 years has not heard anything repeated. Paul Nogier was nominated for the Nobel Prize three times.


WHO standardized ear acupuncture with its discoverer at the forefront, which began in 1990. Raphael Nogier has taught in Denmark every year since 1990.

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