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Therapy Glasses

How to regulate emotions instantly

"Light is a biological way of intercellular communication living a living language" Fritz Albert Popp, 1976


Colors and light have been used for healing long before medication. Man has always been fascinated and stimulated by light and colors. Science has also shed light on the healing effect of light and colors.


We know that an infant born with jaundice needs the day light to kickstart the liver and that dermatologists have used red light against eczema for 100 years. Now science also discover an immediate effect on the brain by colored glasses in front of the eyes.

"Each wavelength in the light spectrum has a neurological and emotional effect by activating specific neurons and producing biochemical changes upon the brain." Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, 1971


"Light influences the neurotransmitters concentration in the brain:
norepinephrine, serotonin, beta-endorphins, colinesterase, melatonin, oxytocin, growth hormone, LH, prolactin, and progesterone". Fritz Hollwich MD, PhD, 1985.

Colored therapy glasses are especially useful for children, clients with diagnoses and clients who do not want to talk.


Useful in any situation

12 therapy glasses and a course


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